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What we offer.

A Fully Qualified Teacher with years of experience
Fully insured backed by a private Ltd Company
Video lessons on each topic.
An experienced writer, broadcaster and film maker - over 350 videos and more being made.
1:1 and group online help sessions
Structured questions and exercises
Access to many past exam papers
New practice papers to have a go at.

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Enrol on GCSE or A Level
Maths Chemistry Phyics or Biology

These are going to be hard years for students. The year 11's having missed out on 6months of work, the Year 10 students unsure of what might happen.
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Videos on the complete syllabus
Exercises Texts 
Everything to help secure that grade 9

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On-line but like being there

1:1 and group tutoring - you choose

You can get out of this what you need to help you, from online video lessons, to group sessions, to 1:1 help all over hte internet , so you cn do this whatever the state of play at the time.

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There are picks on this list for students of all grade levels with appropriately adjusted content.


If you’re an adventurer who loves learning about new things and are excited to see how you can improve yourself. Low cost help to get you learning are your peak efficiency.

All the videos are up on YouTube for free. The exercises, exam practice and the support is what you pay for.

Netlab 25 years on the Net

A Qualified teacher in Maths and Science teaching for more than 35 years.
A video production Company to get the best out of videos.

VIew the Videos

Moving from a local to a global agenda

Corona virus is a global pandemic and all countries are affected. Using a wide spectrum of teach virtually all syllabuses across the world can be covered.

Teaching where one man has already made a difference.

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